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DISASTERS: Plan Ahead – Inventory

household inventory

ServiceMaster of Columbia and the agents we work with know that no one wants to go through a disaster at their home or business. So we want to help you if you should need to file a claim. For the next several weeks we will provide tips to prepare for filing a claim if you or … Continued

Fall House Cleaning Checklist

fall cleaning checklist

Why House Cleaning in the Fall is so Important Not only does conducting annual fall cleaning prepare your home for winter, but it also has many health benefits. Having a clean home is proven to make you feel less stressed because everything is easier to find and it’s a relief to return to a haven … Continued

Before a Carpet Cleaning

Carpet being professionally cleaned.

Getting your carpets cleaned freshens up the appeal of your home and lengthens the carpet’s life span. While part of the joy of hiring a professional includes having someone else do the dirty work, taking these pro-active steps can help make sure you get the cleanest carpet possible and the biggest bang for your buck. … Continued

Five Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Carpet being professionally cleaned.

Misconception #1: You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet No. Dirt is an abrasive like sandpaper.  Every time you step on the carpet. you grind dirt into your carpet fibers. This cuts your carpet just as if you had used a knife, causing it to wear out faster. A dirty carpet … Continued

Carpets: Advantages of Scotchgard

scotchgard cleaner. wine spill.

What Are The Advantages of Scotchgard? Using Scotchgard in carpet cleaning needs, as well as for other reasons regarding furniture, artwork, and other products and furnishings in your home can often be one of the best decisions you’ll make. In fact, there are quite a few tangible and direct benefits to using Scotchgard for a … Continued

10 Things Smart Homeowners Need to Know About Mold

Mold in grout behind faucet in bathroom sink

Recently, ServiceMaster, unveiled the results of its 2016 ServiceMaster Restore Franchisee Mold Remediation Survey, in which more than 250 trained and experienced franchise owners shared their expertise about this dangerous and costly issue that affects homes and businesses across the country. “Mold isn’t something most people think about until they experience it in their own home,” … Continued

8 Bad “FACTS” About Mold

white mold

8 Bad “Facts” About Mold That Everyone Thinks Are True With all the misinformation about mold out there it is easy to over react. Here are four “facts” that are over reactions to mold.   Bad “Fact” 1: All Mold Is Bad Nope! Have you ever eaten cheese or take penicillin? Mold is used in … Continued

How Water Damage Really Affects Your Home

neighborhood flood

While it’s not the type of thing a homeowner wants to think about, everything from a major rainstorm to melting snow can cause water damage to a property. If that does happen, it’s important to contact restoration specialists as quickly as possible. At ServiceMaster of Columbia, based in Columbia, MO, we know firsthand that responding … Continued

Just the Facts on MOLD

how does mold grow?

Mold Facts… Molds are found EVERYWHERE, and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. They reproduce by spores, which are carried by air currents. When spores land on a moist surface suitable for life, they begin to grow. Mold is normally found indoors at levels which do not affect most healthy individuals. Spores … Continued

5 Principles of Mold Remediation

mold in laundry room

We have seen an influx of calls regarding Mold and Mold Removal.  We are experts in Mold Removal but we leave the detection of Mold to the professionals.  We use outside environmental hygienists to identify the mold and provide the homeowner and us with a protocol for to follow to remove the mold. Mold assessment and mold remediation are … Continued

5 Reasons Why Year-Round Carpet Cleaning is Ideal

black lab on porch

Year-round carpet cleaning is something we at ServiceMaster of Columbia cannot stress enough. Your carpets endure a lot on a daily basis, and while vacuuming is very helpful, deep carpet cleaning is necessary to maintain a healthy indoor space. We provide meticulous carpet cleaning among other restoration cleaning services to Ashland, Midway, Hinton, Mexico, Hallsville, … Continued

FIRE: Preventing a Fire

Servicemaster trucks

Most home fires occur in the kitchen while cooking and are the leading cause of injuries from fire. Common causes of fires at night are carelessly discarded cigarettes, sparks from fireplaces without spark screens or glass doors, and heating appliances left too close to furniture or other combustibles. These fires can be particularly dangerous because … Continued

FIRE: During a Fire

mother and child detecting and escaping a fire

Escaping the Fire Crawl low under any smoke to your exit – heavy smoke and poisonous gases collect first along the ceiling. When the smoke alarm sounds, get out fast. You may have only seconds to escape safely. If there is smoke blocking your door or first way out, use your second way out. Smoke … Continued

FIRE: Before a Fire

smoke detector

Create and Practice a Fire Escape Plan In the event of a fire, remember that every second counts, so you and your family must always be prepared. Escape plans help you get out of your home quickly.Twice each year, practice your home fire escape plan. Some tips to consider when preparing this plan include: Find … Continued

FIRE: After a Fire

basement damage

Recovering from a fire can be a physically and mentally draining process.  When fire strikes, lives are suddenly turned around.  Often, the hardest part is knowing where to begin and who to contact. ServiceMaster of Columbia is your MASTER of Disaster and your first point of contact for fire clean up and restoration.  We will … Continued

FIRE: Facts about Fire – July’s Blog Focus

firefighters putting out house fire

Each year more than 2,500 people die and 12,600 are injured in home fires in the United States, with direct property loss due to home fires estimated at $7.3 billion annually.  Home fires can be prevented! To protect yourself, it is important to understand the basic characteristics of fire. Fire spreads quickly; there is no … Continued