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DISASTERS: Plan Ahead – Inventory

household inventory

ServiceMaster of Columbia and the agents we work with know that no one wants to go through a disaster at their home or business. So we want to help you if you should need to file a claim.

For the next several weeks we will provide tips to prepare for filing a claim if you or your business experiences a water disaster.

For homeowners, a household inventory is encouraged. 

An up-to-date household inventory is a valuable resource. Before a disaster, the inventory will help you determine if you have enough insurance to cover the contents of your home. After the disaster, the inventory will help prove for insurance or tax deduction purposes the value of the possessions that are damaged or destroyed.

An inventory consists of a:

  • Description of each item (include model and serial numbers)
  • When you bought it
  • How much it costs

It is highly recommended to have photos or a video to accompany your inventory.

Do not forget less expensive items, such as towels and clothes. It will be costly to replace them entirely. Be thorough. Do not forget lawn furniture or tools in the garage. Keep the inventory up to date.

The University of Illinois Extension Service provides an excellent online guide and relevant forms for conducting a household inventory: http://www.ag.uiuc.edu/~vista/abstracts/ahouseinv.html

Computer software programs such as a database or spreadsheet can also be used, but make sure you keep an up-to-date copy in a safe place — and not only in electronic form. Keep a printed hard copy in a safe place as well.

Follow this blog for the next several weeks for more posts on tips to be prepared in the event you would need to file a claim for a disaster.

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