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Fire Restoration Services

This is most likely your first fire-related loss. However, at ServiceMaster of Columbia, we have helped people through the fire damage restoration process countless times. Years of experience have led us to advanced scientific methods, techniques and products for restoring buildings and personal property.

We suggest that you do not attempt and “do-it-yourself” cleaning methods without consulting with a fire restoration professional. This could make the damage worse.  Touching surfaces covered in soot can permanently set the soot. Please consider there are complex chemical reactions and hidden damages that are best restored with specific products, equipment and expert methods. Returning your property back to pre-loss condition and helping families and individuals like you is what ServiceMaster of Columbia does.

Types of Fires

Protein: food from the oven or stove had burned; strong burnt food odor exists; smoke residue is on contents and surfaces.

Complex: Multiple natural and synthetic items inside the structure have burned; black smoke residue is on contents and surfaces; synthetic smoke odor exists; emergency corrosion mitigation is needed to protect at-risk surfaces.

Natural: Trees, shrubs and bushes have burned (examples: forest fire); smoke has penetrated the structure from outside; smoke residue and odor are present.

Furnace Malfunction: Heating appliance such as oil-fired furnace has malfunctioned and caused smoke to be distributed throughout the property.

Emergency Response

Acting quickly can help minimize replacement costs so please call as quickly as possible to have one of our highly trained staff assess your fire and smoke damage. We can provide a written estimate and start mitigating the damage by arranging board up service and evaluating sensitive items for emergency pre-cleaning.

Packout & Content Restoration

Some fires require that your contents and furnishings be inventoried, packed and safely transported to our secure, climate-controlled location for cleaning, deodorization, restoration, and storage until the structural fire damage restoration is complete. ServiceMaster of Columbia offers pack out and pack in services, storage services, and content cleaning and management.

Structural Cleaning & Restoration

Once the contents of your home or business have been removed, our team can get started with the structural restoration process. Our expert restoration technicians understand the chemical combinations that can effectively clean elements affected by the smoke, soot and water that accompany a fire.

Smoke, Soot & Odor Removal

One of the most challenging aspects of a fire restoration project is that smoke and soot often affect rooms the fire did not even touch. Untreated, the soot and smoke left behind can continue to cause damage and the lingering odors can make the structure uncomfortable to occupy. ServiceMaster of Columbia’s smoke removal and deodorization services can minimize smoke damage and save your property from continual damage.


Fire can be a very damaging force and while our fire damage restoration team will do everything in their power to clean and restore your home or business, many areas will have to be re-built. ServiceMaster of Columbia’s fire cleanup services can offer reconstruction services, repairs, and all cleaning services needed to bring your home back to its original state.