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Mold Remediation Process

At ServiceMaster of Columbia, our trained specialists utilize a comprehensive mold remediation process to ensure that your mold problem is resolved.

1.    Assessment

The first step in our process is to inspect the area of concern, identify the water sources feeding the mold, and assess the damage.
If you answer yes to any of these, you should consider having an inspection from a hygienist performed. Molds feed on cellulose, dirt, dust and water, so growth can be hidden from plain view.

  • Is the area more than 10 square feet?
  • Is there a complaint of odors or illness?
  • Can you see the mold?

If you aren’t sure, ServiceMaster of Columbia can come out and do a moisture check. Our technicians will not only check for visible signs of mold, but employ various technologies for detecting hidden mold and water sources.


2.  Inspection

A hygienist will provide the homeowner/property owner with a remediation protocol based on their findings. If mold is in a public building, it will need to be tested for Asbestos/ACM per Federal and State law.  Based on the age of property, Asbestos/ ACM testing may be required.


3.  Containment/Removal/Restoration

Armed with a protocol, we turn our attention to isolating and containing the mold. In this process, we use advanced techniques involving physical barriers and negative air pressure to prevent mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process. During this process, all fans and any heating, venting and cooling systems are turned off to prevent the further spread of the mold.

With the mold contained, our team can turn its attention to capturing, filtering and scrubbing the microscopic mold spores from the air using specialized filtration equipment including “air scrubbers” and HEPA vacuums.

Using antifungal and antimicrobial treatments, our certified mold remediation technicians eliminate mold colonies and then remove and dispose of any mold-infested porous materials like drywall and carpeting.

In cases where the mold damage is severe, our construction team may need to replace drywall, subfloors and other building materials as well paint, install new carpet or perform other minor repairs to restore the space to pre-loss condition.

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