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Water Shut Off Valve; Avoid a Disaster

main water shut valve that is tagged with a yellow tag marking this is where to turn off the water.

Every year, water damage from frozen pipes, ruptured washer hoses, leaking supply lines and dripping water heaters costs homeowners and insurance companies billions. Shutting off the main water supply to your home before leaving for an extended length of time can protect you against catastrophic water damage. ServiceMaster of Columbia recommends that everyone in your home … Continued

How to Prepare Your Home for a Snowstorm

Blue house covered in snow after a large snow fall

With the end of the year comes several things: holidays, time spent with loved ones, gearing up for a new year and a dramatic change of weather. You’ve already prepared for the holidays, but are you ready for the next big snowstorm? Find out how to prepare your home for a snowstorm, so that you … Continued

Christmas Tree Safety Tips: Preventing Fires

Christmas Tree Safety three gold geometric images of christmas trees.

During the holidays, ServiceMaster of Columbia wants you to enjoy your family and traditions.  Part of the holiday magic is the Christmas tree.  Christmas trees come with their own built in disasters if not taken care of from the beginning.  Here are some tips for Christmas tree safety. Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires … Continued